Lamy T10 Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge 5pk ( Green )
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Lamy T10 Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge 5pk

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With such a large capacity, you won't run out of ink from any of the Lamy T10 Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges too soon. But be sure to always have an extra on hand, or just a different color for fun! Available in Black, Blue-Black, Blue-Washable, Violet, Green, and Red ink, the Lamy T10 Cartridges can be used with all Lamy fountain pen models. Each package of your desired color choice comes with 5 cartridges, which easily snap into place within your Lamy Fountain Pen so there's no mess or fuss to be had.
  • Ink Cartridge for all Lamy Fountain Pen Models
  • Includes 5 Cartridges
Made In - Germany

Additional Info

"No design writes better," promises the famed German pen manufacturer Lamy. With countless fans to attest that claim, Lamy rose to prominence using groundbreaking techniques with moulded synthetic plastics in their pens. Founded in 1930 by Josef Lamy, Lamy pens cemented themselves as one of the best and most modern pen manufacturers with their flagship fountain pen the Lamy 2000, first released in 1966 and still their premier pen to this day. Then in 1980, Lamy created the Lamy Safari, a fountain pen for beginners and students primarily, now heralded as the best introductory fountain pen. Today, Lamy has branched into ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, mechanical pencils, ink, and more, and is still at the forefront of pen innovation.


  • Bottled Inks
    • Fountain Pen Compatible
    • Yes
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    • Germany