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Brause Calligraphy Set
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Brause Calligraphy Set

Perfect Starter Set

Item # pbr195


For over 100 years Brause has been making nibs of excellent quality; manufactured with the perfect balance of flexibility and durability. The Brause Calligraphy Gift Set has everything you need to get started in the world of calligraphy, or for use in scrapbooking, drawing, or journaling projects. This calligraphy gift set includes one natural wood nib holder, one bottle of black ink, 6 steel nibs for script and calligraphy. With 6 different nibs to play with, you can create myriad designs, letters, or drawings all specific to your style.
  • 1 Natural Wood Nib Holder
  • 1 Bottle of Black Ink
  • 6 Steel Nibs
Made In - Germany