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Blackwing 602 Firm Graphite Pencils (12 ct.)
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Blackwing 602 Firm Graphite Pencils (12 ct.)

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"Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed." The classic Blackwing 602 Firm Graphite Pencil made by Palomino is a tribute to the iconic Eberhard-Faber Blackwing originally popularized by famous writers like John Steinbeck. The luxurious 602 is finely crafted from cedar wood, finished with a thick metallic grey coating and embossed with gold lettering on the sides. Ideal for writers, the firm lead puts down an incredibly smooth line without having to be sharpened after each word. The original, unique rectangular black eraser even pops out so you can replace it after whittling it down after writing your masterpiece. Available in a box of 12 pencils, the Palomino Blackwing 602 Firm Graphite Pencil is the classic 602 you've been seeking.
  • 7.875 inch length; 0.5 inch width
  • Firm Graphite Core
  • Cedar Wood Casing
  • Embossed Gold Lettering
  • Replaceable Black Eraser
  • Metallic Grey Coating
  • Ideal for Writers
Made In - Japan

Additional Info

Originally made by Eberhard-Faber and dating back to the 1930's, the Blackwing 602 Pencil quickly rose in prominence and was loved by multiple famous writers and illustrators. By the late 1990's it had been discontinued, but not forgotten - the 602 had reached cult status. So much so, that Palomino founder and CEO Charles Berolzheimer, whose pencil industry roots date back to the mid 19th century, re-introduced the Blackwing pencil, both in its original form (Blackwing 602) for devotees, writers and everyday users, as well as a modified version with a slightly softer lead for artists (Blackwing). Best of all, Palomino developed the Blackwing brand to now include sketchbooks, notebooks, sharpeners, pencils, and more.


  • Pen Style
    • Pen Type
    • Wood Pencil
  • Pencils
    • Pencil Type
    • Standard
    • Pencil Eraser Tip
    • Refillable
    • Pencil Eraser Color
    • Black
  • Upsells
    • GoesWith
    • Palomino Sharpener
    • Palomino Eraser