Palomino KUM Long Point Pencil Sharpener
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Palomino KUM Long Point Pencil Sharpener

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Treat your pencils right with the Palomino KUM Long Point Pencil Sharpener and the sharpened tip will last even longer and without constantly breaking. The Palomino-KUM Long Point Pencil Sharpener makes a long pencil point in 2 steps. First, when using the #1 hole on the left, it sharpens just the wood body of the pencil. Then, when using the #2 hole on the right, it precisely sharpens the graphite core to that perfect point for writing and drawing. Plus, the automatic brake on the sharpener prevents oversharpening.
    Made In - Germany

    Additional Info

    Originally made by Eberhard-Faber and dating back to the 1930's, the Blackwing 602 quickly rose in prominence and was favorited by multiple famous writers and illustrators. By the late 1990's it had been discontinued, but not forgotten. The 602 had reached cult status. So much so, that Palomino founder and CEO Charles Berolzheimer, whose pencil industry roots date back to the mid 19th century, re-introduced the Blackwing pencil, both in its original form (Blackwing 602) for devotees, writers and everyday users, as well as a modified version with a slightly softer lead for artists (Blackwing).


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