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Moleskine Metal Rollerball Pen
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Moleskine Metal Rollerball Pen

The New Moleskine Collections - Writing Collection

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Aficionados have been longing for a Moleskine pen for years now, and their wish has finally been granted. This grand version reflects your desire for simple sophistication. Crafted from high-quality matte grey lacquered brass and aluminum, it has a substantial feel and presents itself in a reusable, reporter-inspired carrying case with a signature elastic closure. As would be expected with such a pen, it's full of fantastic details that make it special. Fashioned specifically to complement the shape and personality of a Moleskine journal, the innovative rectangular design feels nice in the hand and lays flat. The innovative cap has a clip designed to attach to your Moleskine notebook, making it the ideal travelling companion.
    Made In - Imported from Italy

    Additional Info

    It's filled with a proprietary black gel ink that was especially developed for Moleskine paper: it's clean, bright and quick-drying. The springy point tip flexes during use for effortless writing, so your thoughts dance across the page. It's also refillable, so it will last and last. Inside: a set of 24 stickers to personalize your pen, plus the legendary story of Moleskine. Black, Blue, Green, Red, Violet, and Brown refills are available (sold separately).


    • Pen Style
      • Pen Type
      • Rollerball
      • Pen Style
      • Slide Cap
      • Pen Series
      • Moleskine Rollerball
    • Pen Refill
      • Refillable Pen
      • Exempt
    • References
      • ISBN
      • 978-88-6613-971-3 (Fine .5mm)
      • 978-88-6613-970-6 (Medium .7mm)
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      • Moleskine Hard Cover
      • Moleskine Pen Cases

    Moleskine Brand Story

    Moleskine journals are legendary, possessing a minimalism style and quality that literally has centuries of experience. To the initiated, there is no substitute. Used by artists and intellectuals who defined 20th century culture, including such luminaries as Hemingway, Van Gogh, and Matisse. Today Moleskine journals are seen at meetings absorbing notes, at coffee shops steeping ideas, on mountainside trails capturing adventures - in all cases a trusted traveling companion.