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J. Herbin Calligraphy Ink ( Brown )
J. Herbin Calligraphy Ink ( Black )
J. Herbin Calligraphy Ink ( Blue )
J. Herbin Calligraphy Ink ( Brown )
J. Herbin Calligraphy Ink ( Green )
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J. Herbin


J. Herbin Calligraphy Ink

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Take your communiques to the next level with this J. Herbin Calligraphy Ink! Rich and opaque, J. Herbin's Calligraphy Ink can be used on any paper without feathering or bleeding; it maintains its dense color and never fades. Available in blue or black, the ink's natural resins allow the ink to adhere to the metal calligraphy nib, yet smoothly and consistently flow.

Please note: this ink is NOT for use in fountain pens. It is designed for use with steel-nibbed calligraphy pens, calligraphy brushes, or glass or quill dip pens.

  • Available in Black or Blue Ink
  • 50 ml Bottle for Hours Upon Hours of Writing
  • Use Only w/Steel Nibs, Dip Pens, & Calligraphy Brushes