Cretacolor Silver Tin Graphite Drawing Set (Set of 15)
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Cretacolor Silver Tin Graphite Drawing Set (Set of 15)

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The Cretacolor Silver Tin Graphite Drawing Set offers a wide assortment of graphite sticks and pencils to allow work in a broad tonal range. This 15 piece set includes 4 fine art graphite pencils, 3 monolith woodless graphite pencils, 5 graphite sticks in two sizes, a monolith eraser, a blending stick, and a monolith sharpener. Packaged in an easy-travel tin box, this Cretacolor Set is ideal for drawing, sketching, and other art projects.
  • 4 Graphite Pencils - 2H/HB/2B/4B
  • 3 Monolith Graphite Pencils - 2B/6B/9B
  • 3 Graphite Sticks 7 x 7mm - 2B/4B/6B
  • 2 Graphite Sticks 7 x 14mm - 4B/6B
  • 1 Blending Stick
  • 1 Monolith Eraser And Sharpner
Made In - Austria

Additional Info

In 1790, Joseph Hardtmuth (1752-1816) discovered that a mixture of graphite and clay produces pencil leads - a discovery that was the very foundation of a company that's been producing pencils for more than 200 years. In 1997, the Austrian company sold their production facility to another family equally dedicated to the high quality of fine art products. Today, the company now known as Cretacolor produces many traditional and innovative products for young artists and serious artists alike. From pencils, leads and charcoals to their unique graphite monolith, graphite water-soluble pencils and an exceptional range of water-media products, Cretacolor continues to present fresh ideas to the world of art.


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