Tutti Frutti Colored Pencil Set
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Tutti Frutti Colored Pencil Set

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The Tutti Frutti Colored Pencil Set is vibrant and fun. Playfully created by celebrated Italian designer Louise Fille, this colored pencil set reminiscent of classic Italian packaging and stationary that inspired it. Whether you're planning to create the world's next great colored pencil masterpiece, or just writing a letter to a friend, the Tutti Frutti double-sided colored pencils are a great addition to your artistic arsenal.

The set consists of twelve double-sided pencils in six tutti Frutti shades, ideal for drawing or writing.
  • Twelve double sided pencils
  • Six colors
  • Great for drawing or writing
  • Classic Italian packaging
Made In - Taiwan

Additional Info

...the feel when pressing color to paper is wonderfully smooth and buttery. -BoingBoing


  • Pencils
    • Pencil Type
    • Colored
    • Pencil Accessory
    • Two sided, Two-color
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    • 978-16-1689-337-8
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