Fortune Telling Book of Colors
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Fortune Telling Book of Colors

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The latest addition to the bestselling Fortune-Telling series, this pocket-size book divines auspicious signs and offers whimsical insights into all things color. Those hoping to brighten their fortunes will learn the portents of chromatic combinations, the meaning behind color auras, and the astrology of various hues. Featuring an extensive color catalog with vibrantly illustrated interiors, this treasure makes a lovely gift for housewarmings, color enthusiasts, and anyone searching for a little extra luck in life.
  • 4x5 inches
  • Charming, pocket-sized book
  • Learn about the influence of color
  • Lots of fun and useful tips
  • 204 pages
Made In - China

Additional Info

This charming, pocket-sized book offers a wealth of information in easy to digest bites. From folklore to astrology, chakras to feng shui, clothing to cars, you'll be captivated by the useful tidbits on every page. Learn what the color of the car you drive says about you, what clothing color combinations to wear for attracting prosperity, which foods can help you communicate better, and how the first bird you see in the morning can impact your day. This fun resource will make you think about color in new ways and is also a great conversation starter at parties.


  • Paper Details
    • Book Size
    • Pocket
    • Number of Pages
    • 204 pages
  • References
    • ISBN
    • 978-14-5213-265-5