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ACME Studio 4 Function Pen Refill Set
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Acme Studios


ACME Studio 4 Function Pen Refill Set

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The 4FP Ballpoint Refills, 4FP Eraser Refills, 4FP Highlighter Refills, and the 4FP Pencil Lead Refill is designed specifically for ACME Studio's 4 Function Pen, the world's thinnest 4-function pen. The ACME Studio 4 Function Pen has a central ring with 4 icons to display its various modes, which include a black ballpoint, orange highlighter, 0.7 mm lead pencil, and PDA stylus (not to mention, the 4 Function Pen also has an eraser under a silver cap). Why settle for just one, when you can have all four in one?

This set includes: 2 black ink ballpoint refills, 6 eraser refills, 1 highlighter refill, and 12 0.7-mm pencil lead refills.

  • 2pc. 4FP Ballpoint Refills Black
  • 6pc 4FP Eraser Refill
  • 1pc 4FP Highlighter Refill
  • 12pc 4FP Lead Pencil Refill 0.7mm
Made In - Brooklyn, New York, USA

Additional Info

Started in 1985 by Adrian Olabuenaga and his wife Lesley Bailey, ACME Studio is an international product design company, which produces writing instruments, stationery accessories, men's accessories, and other design objects. ACME Studio products are made in collaboration with the world's leading architects, designers, artists, foundations, estates and institutions. Starting in 2000, ACME Studio has developed several new pen making techniques, which allows the designer to create new shapes; plus new pen technology, using a variety of materials, such as acid etched brass, lathe spun celluloid, lacquers and various other metals and materials.


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    • Black
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    • ACME 4 Function
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    • ACME 4-Function Pen
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