Fisher Titanium Bullet Space Pen ( Gold )
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Fisher Pen

Fisher Titanium Bullet Space Pen

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All-weather, all-conditions, and just as tough (and pretty) as can be. This Fisher Titanium Bullet Space Pen can write upside down and underwater, on wet or greasy surfaces, in zero gravity and at altitudes over 12,000 feet, from -30 F (-34 C) to 250 F (121 C). The thixotropic ink in the pressurized reservoir writes three times longer than your standard ballpoint, making it a go-to choice for alpinists and divers, paramedics, construction workers, and military. Compact when closed, this Fisher Titanium Bullet Space Pen fits easily into pockets, purses, toolboxes and wallets and opens to a full-sized slim ballpoint, evenly balancedwith a knurled grip. This timeless pen is all brass with either a rainbow, black, or gold titanium nitride finish. You'll find the ink to be smooth gliding and dark.

Paul Fisher first conceived of the Bullet Space Pen in 1948 and developed his design for the burgeoning space program. His use of pressurized cartridges, thixotropic ink and a tungsten carbide ball tip solved the dilemma of having ink flow always and only when needed. Fisher's first ballpoint pen is arguably the most popular of the 20th century; Fisher Space pens are displayed in both the NASA Museum and the New York Museum of Modern Art.

  • Length: Open - 5.25 inches; Closed - 3.75 inches
  • Cap On/Off Style
  • Thixotropic Black Ink
  • Finish: Rainbow, Black, or Gold Titanium Nitride
  • Refill: PR-4 Black Ink Medium Point
  • Packaging: Blue Velour Gift Box
  • Lifetime Guarantee
Made In - USA

Additional Info

Fisher Pens are the ultimate in dependability. Environmentally friendly, Fisher Pens are guaranteed to perform in temperatures from -30 to +250 degrees F, underwater, in zero gravity, in elevations up to 12,500 feet, and at any angle. Each has an ultra-hard Tungsten Carbide ballpoint precisely fitted in a stainless steel socket to prevent leaks and deliver constant, uniform ink flow. Fisher pens use thixotropic ink (a semisolid ink until the shearing action of the rolling ball liquefies it) in a hermetically-sealed, pressurized reservoir with a sliding float to separate the ink from the compressed nitrogen. Lasting 3-times longer than ordinary ballpoints, Fisher Space pens are hand-tested and carry an unconditional lifetime guarantee.


  • Pen Style
    • Pen Type
    • Ballpoint
    • Pen Style
    • Slide Cap
    • Pen Size
    • Open: 5.25 inches, Closed: 3.75 inches
    • Point Size
    • Medium Point
    • Pen Body Material
    • Titanium
    • Ink Color
    • Black
    • Pen Series
    • Fisher Space Pen
  • Pen Refill
    • Refillable Pen
    • Yes
  • Pen Accessories
    • Pen Clip
    • Add-on
    • Packaging
    • Blue Velour Gift Box
    • Keychain Ring
    • No

Fisher Pen Brand Story

In the 1950's there were dozens of ballpoint models, and nearly every one took a different refill. So in 1953 Paul Fisher invented the "Universal Refill," which could be used in most pens. But he didn't stop there. After much experimentation he perfected the refill using thixotropic ink; the trick was to have the ink flow when you wanted it to, and not to flow the rest of the time, a problem Fisher solved.