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Cretacolor Artino Skizzenset Basic Drawing Set
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Cretacolor Artino Skizzenset Basic Drawing Set

Item # pcr104


Cretacolor's traditional sanguine and sepia pencils are highly pigmented and lightfast and can be used in a variety of applications from traditional sketching and drawing to expressive work. This drawing set includes 2 charcoals, one monolith, one nero, one reisskohle, one white pencil, and two sepia pencils, along with a kneaded eraser and a blender in a very cool reusable metal tin. With the pastel-like qualities of some of these pencils, using fixative will keep your drawings for greater permanence.
  • 7.25 x 4 inch tin box
  • Nero extra soft black drawing pencil, black charcoal#1 soft pencil, Graphite monolith 6B
  • One each-white, sanguine and sepia chalk pencils
  • Sanguine burnt stick
  • Sketching Coal
  • Highest artist quality, full pigmentation, best lightfastness rating
  • Kneaded Eraser & Paper blending stomp
Made In - Austria


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