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Lamy Safari Charcoal Fountain Pen

The Lamy Safari Fountain Pen is the perfect introductory fountain pen and is used by beginners and fountain pen aficionados alike. Designed by Wolfgang Fabian & Bernt Spiegel, Lamy released the Safari Fountain Pen in 1980 and it quickly became known for its durability and ease of use. Made of sturdy ABS plastic, its unique design has a flexible wire clip, plus molded triangular grip for comfort when writing. The Safari uses ink cartridges primarily (a Lamy T10 Blue Ink Cartridge is included with your purchase), but can be modified with Lamy's Z24 Converter to use their T52 Bottled Ink. Choose the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen in either fine or medium nib, and use it for everyday use or for catching up on correspondence; plus on any paper right out of the box!

New Lamy customers and beginner fountain pen users will want to take care when swapping a pen nib. It is not difficult, but you need to take care not to force any parts when removing and replacing the nib. Please note replacing a nib yourself voids the manufactures warranty on the pen.

  • Made of Sturdy ABS Plastic w/ Matte Finish
  • Black Chromium Plated Steel Nib
  • Comfort Molded Grip Section
  • Blue T10 Ink Cartridge Included
  • Can be modified for use with Z 24 converter and T52 ink (not included)
  • Flexible Wire Clip
  • Item #: pla3063

Nib Size:
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Lamy Safari Charcoal Fountain Pen

"No design writes better," promises the famed German pen manufacturer Lamy. With countless fans to attest that claim, Lamy rose to prominence using groundbreaking techniques with moulded synthetic plastics in their pens. Founded in 1930 by Josef Lamy, Lamy pens cemented themselves as one of the best and most modern pen manufacturers with their flagship fountain pen the Lamy 2000, first released in 1966 and still their premier pen to this day. Then in 1980, Lamy created the Lamy Safari, a fountain pen for beginners and students primarily, now heralded as the best introductory fountain pen. Today, Lamy has branched into ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, mechanical pencils, and more, and is still at the forefront of pen innovation.

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