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Paperblanks Embellished Byron - Don Juan Manuscript Wrap (7 x 9)

Byron is a cornerstone of the romantic canon. He is the model for the Byronic hero, which refers to an idealized but flawed character. His impatience with what he called "sweating poesy" - overworked and overwritten verse - is a hallmark of romantic poetry. The autographed page featured here is an excerpt from Byron's most famous work, Don Juan.

The cover of this sturdy hard cover, thread-bound journal has been gold foiled, embossed and embellished until it's something very unique indeed, leaving the wonderful worn feel shown. The interior is filled with one of the finest papers for writing. Each sheet is 60 pound weight, with an extremely high opacity rating for minimal show-through. Hold a page up to the light, and you'll see the laid patterning. It takes pen and ink beautifully.

  • 144 pages (72 sheets)
  • Smythe Sewn binding
  • Vellum, laid, acid-free paper
  • Binder boards are European made and 100% recycled material
  • Back pocket & cloth ribbon marker
  • Item #: ppb270


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Paperblanks Embellished Byron Manuscript Wrap (7 x 9)

These finely produced thread bound journals are not only made to be used, they are also the ultimate carry-along. The elegant cover materials make these textured journals a classic accessory. Don't be afraid to dish out rough treatment as they are very abuse-resistant, able to handle everything from bumps and hard knocks to spills. These books have the most durable binding method for high-quality journals; each signature is sewn rather than glued. The pages open nicely, and lie flat for ease of writing. No lost pages in these journals.

Our wrap series have an elegant magnetic enclosure to keep prying eyes out, and bits & pieces in. Each book has a ribbon marker to help you find where you left off. A generous size memento pouch keeps all the loose papers in one easy-to-find spot. This is the perfect addition to the artists, writers, and students lifestyles.

More about the Byron Manuscript Wrap Journal

Teetering on the razor's edge between artistic liberation and personal destruction, George Gordon, Lord Byron (1788-1824) was a writer of great power whose life was characterized by epic excess. Bryon was intimate with physical pain - the result of a deformed foot - and suffered a traumatic childhood, which seem to have created in him a powerful urge to both free the spirit though strong and masculine poetry and to court personal disaster with scandalous behaviour, including legendary affairs with men, married women and even his own sister.

Paperblanks journals feature striking printed images on their durable, hard covers. Beautifully made, each high-quality journal is sewn rather than glued. The pages open nicely and lie flat for ease of writing ... no lost pages in these journals. Instead, delight in a truly well-made object and let it remind you that the finest things in life are the ones that last.

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