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Exacompta Exabox Filing Storage (14 x 10.5)


Perfect for small (or large!) businesses and busy families alike, the Exacompta Exabox allows you to store important documents, files and notepads up to A4 in size, while the included clear plastic pockets protect CDs and business cards. This lightweight and water-resistant filing box is 2 1/2 inches deep with a convenient thumbhole for easy shelf storage and removal. Made of recycled polypropylene, the Exacompta Exabox keeps daily operations and large projects neatly organized.

  • Filing Box w/ 2.5 inch Spine
  • 2 Pockets to Insert CD & Business Cards
  • Snap Closure on Cover
  • Ergonomic Spine
  • Thumbhole for Easy Retrieval
  • Item #: pex59134


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Exacompta Exabox (14 x 10.5)

Exacompta Exabox (14 x 10.5)


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Exacompta has been answering the needs of a demanding continental clientele for more than 75 years. Its hand-crafted appointment and address books, as well as guest books, journals and photo albums are famous throughout Europe. The firm's products reflect the "savoir vivre" for which the French are known. These fine items are particularly suitable for personal or business gifts

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