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Transparent +2.00

Moleskine Transparent Reading Glasses


Kind of like a palindrome, the symmetrical shape of these high-quality, unisex reading glasses means they can be worn either way - up or down, quickly, randomly. Ultra light and tiny, they're a perfect balance between functionality and innovative design.

With a high-quality acetate frame and spring hinges, they're comfortable and durable. The lightweight optical-grade plastic lenses are distortion-free and have a scratch-resistant coating. They're available in different focal lengths for varying levels of presbyopia.

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Moleskine Transparent Reading Glasses

The Moleskine New Collections are sets of striking pieces that focus on writing, travelling, and reading. Perfectly compatible with the legendary notebooks, they were designed by Giulio Iacchetti to incorporate signature Moleskine function and aesthetics: the elastic band, the rounded corners, the black color, the simple design. The offerings include bags, pencils, pens, computer cases, reading glasses, a rechargeable reading light and an e-reader stand. This set of distinctive accessories enhances the activities of the modern day nomad in each of us.

Moleskine Transparent Reading Glasses


978-88-6613-991-1 (Transparent +3.00)

978-88-6613-992-8 (Transparent +2.50)

978-88-6613-993-5 (Transparent +2.00)

978-88-6613-994-2 (Transparent +1.50)

978-88-6613-990-4 (Transparent +1.00)

Moleskine journals are legendary, possessing a minimalism style and quality that literally has centuries of experience. To the initiated, there is no substitute. Used by artists and intellectuals who defined 20th century culture, including such luminaries as Hemingway, Van Gogh, and Matisse. Today Moleskine journals are seen at meetings absorbing notes, at coffee shops steeping ideas, on mountainside trails capturing adventures - in all cases a trusted traveling companion.

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