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Paperblanks Handstitched Bamboo Pocket Journal (4.75 x 6.75)


Traditional Chinese painters aimed at capturing the inner essence of the visual form through the rhythmic movement of their brushstroke, attuned to transmit the invisible forces of the universe - the Tao that pervades the world that we inhabit.

Listening to the Bamboo by Wen Cheng-ming (1470-1559) is painted with lucid, firm single brushstrokes, conveying the nature and virtues of bamboo--resilience, humility, and uprightness, the spirit that can be bent by circumstances but never broken.

The heavy, paperboard cover has a hand-stitched binding that allows it to lay flat. Don't let a spine get in the way of jotting down your fleeting thoughts. The interior is filled with one of the finest papers for writing. Each sheet is 60 pound weight, with an extremely high opacity rating for minimal show-through. Hold a page up to the light, and you'll see the laid patterning. It takes pen and ink beautifully.

  • 128 pages (64 leaves)
  • Handstiched binding
  • Vellum, laid, acid-free paper
  • Elastic band closure
  • Binder boards are European made and 100% recycled material
  • Back pocket
  • Item #: ppb111


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Paperblanks Bamboo Pocket Journal (4.75 x 6.75)

The handstitched coptic binding represents the quality and timelessness imbued in the oldest of crafts. These journals are hand sewn using centuries-old traditional methods, with the Copts, or Egyptian Christians, as early as the 4th century. They are held together with a chain or Coptic stitch, named after the Christian Copts who used this stitch to bind together their folded parchment manuscripts. The type of knot that we use is called a chain stitch, and it is appreciated by bookmakers and booklovers alike for its intricate beauty. Even more importantly, our journals will thrill the writer with pages that lie perfectly flat: a sure sign of fine bookmaking at work.. Instead, delight in a truly well-made object and let it remind you that the finest things in life are the ones that last. The unique pouch keeps your loose papers in one easy-to-find spot. The accordion style pouch faces inward and is mounted on the inside back cover.

Paperblanks journals feature striking printed images on their durable, hard covers. Beautifully made, each high-quality journal is sewn rather than glued. The pages open nicely and lie flat for ease of writing ... no lost pages in these journals. Instead, delight in a truly well-made object and let it remind you that the finest things in life are the ones that last.

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