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Arpa Handmade Note Set (6 x 6)


This beautiful Arpa Handmade Note Set (6 x 6) is a pastel jewel of artisanal papermaking. Handmade on the Mediterranean coast and imported from Spain, Arpa uses century-old methods and materials while ensuring consistent color and quality. These individually-made, pure cotton notecards boast four deckled edges and an appealing surface finish brought about from pressing the wet paper between wool filters. Chlorine and chemical free, these evocative handmade notecards are perfect for writing loved ones or that special someone. This high quality stationery set with its six cards and matching envelopes arrives bound in string with a traditional wax seal.

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Arpa Handmade Note Set (6 x 6)

Based in the historic Mediterranean port city of Alicante, Spain, Arpa Artesanos del Papel (ARPA) has been making high quality, sustainable artisan paper since 1993. This acid-free paper, which is never chemically treated, is created using a 17th century-styled Hollander beater, pH neutral glue and natural pigments. Each sheet of paper, no matter the size, is individually made, pressed between wool filters (for that fabulous, touchable finish!) and air-dried. Despite their historical methodology and process, ARPA's commitment to consistency means each batch of paper conforms to exacting standards of size, weight, fiber length, ink resistance, color and archival quality. These lovely notecards arrive wrapped up in string with a classy red wax seal.

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