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Cretacolor Fine Art Red Graphite Pencil Tin (Set of 24)

Developed for professional artists, but also a useful pencil set for all artists, the Cretacolor Fine Art Red Graphite Pencil Tin includes a set of 24 excellent graphite pencils. Using these super smooth graphite pencils will enhance your art, drawing, and sketching. Each pencil is made with traditional hard cedar wood casing, will sharpen to a fine line, and is perfectly gradated. The 24 Piece Red Graphite Tin Set includes 24 degrees of pencils arranged in a lithographed tin with hinged lid. This set includes all 20 grades of graphite pencil and two each of H, HB, B and 2B. Easy to travel with and a superb choice of superior grade graphite pencils, the Cretacolor Fine Art Red Graphite Pencil Tin Set of 24 is here to handle all your artistic desires.

  • 20 Grades Of Graphite Pencils
  • Exact Grades
  • Highest Breaking Strength
  • Easy Sharpening
  • Item #: pcr6024


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Cretacolor Fine Art Red Graphite Pencil Tin (Set of 24)

In 1790, Joseph Hardtmuth (1752-1816) discovered that a mixture of graphite and clay produces pencil leads - a discovery that was the very foundation of a company that's been producing pencils for more than 200 years. In 1997, the Austrian company sold their production facility to another family equally dedicated to the high quality of fine art products. Today, the company now known as Cretacolor produces many traditional and innovative products for young artists and serious artists alike. From pencils, leads and charcoals to their unique graphite monolith, graphite water-soluble pencils and an exceptional range of water-media products, Cretacolor continues to present fresh ideas to the world of art.

Cretacolor Fine Art Red Graphite Pencil Tin (Set of 24)

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For two hundred years, Cretacolor has been known throughout Europe for manufacturing the highest quality graphite pencils. This range of exceptional drawing tools is now available to the American market. From traditional pencils, leads, and sticks to the innovative woodless graphite monolith and graphite water soluble pencils, Cretacolor provides the perfect choice for all sketching and drawing applications.